Sako Rifles and Sako TRG

Established in 1921, Sako has a varied and eventful history. First created to build and service firearms for the Civil Guard in Finland, the company played a key role in Finland’s struggle for survival during the storms of the WWII. Later the company grew through focusing on production excellence, honouring its dedicated craftsmen and personnel, and providing innovative solutions to shooters’ emerging needs.

For decades Sako has developed world-class military, target and hunting rifles, as well as cartridges. By integrating its knowledge of both the rifle and cartridge production, Sako brand can offer a shooter the unique advantages of uncompromising accuracy and reliability. Alongside Beretta and its unique firearms traditions that reach all the way to the year 1526, Sako looks ahead more confidently than ever. We proudly carry on the rifle manufacturing knowledge and skills, with the utmost respect towards the surrounding nature. We put our trust to a future that shines bright to all of us.

Sako TRG upgrades for 2013

  • Recoil pad - new material that significantly reduces felt recoil
  • Bolt Release - new and improved construction featuring more rugged and reliable bolt operation
  • Trigger Mechanism and Bolt Handle - adjustable two stage mechanism more ergonimcally positioned with ambi-safety

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