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    Desert Tech's MDRX (Micro Dynamic Rifle Extreme) is designed for future defense needs. Its compact size and superior ergonomics maximize its portability without sacrificing speed, power, or precision. The MDRX allows mission specific adaptability by changing the rifle's length, sound signature, and/or caliber. Its fully-ambidextrous design allows seamless shoulder transitions.

    Each rifle includes a chassis and one complete conversion kit. Each conversion kit comes with a barrel assembly, bolt head, magazine, and magazine well adapter, (if applicable).



    The MDRX is fully ambidextrous with no modification necessary. Desert Tech's patented forward ejection mechanism and intuitive controls set a new bullpup standard for speed and precision.


    The MDRX has unrivaled portability because it is lightweight, compact, ergonomic, and balanced with an overall length of 26.2” (66.55cm) and a weight of 8.3 pounds (3.76 kg).


    The MDRX is adaptable in both size and caliber. It can quickly convert between multiple calibers, and the barrel is truly free-floated by design so barrel whip does not affect accuracy. Swap between .223 Wylde, .308 Win, 300 BLK and 6.5 Creedmoor.


    Historically bullpup rifles had sluggish triggers, weren’t ambidextrous, had poor ergonomics, and slow magazine changes. Desert Tech didn’t just solve those problems with the MDRX. They designed it to be faster and more ergonomic than the M4. Respond to threats more quickly and maintain full lethality against threats without sacrificing speed or power.


    The MDXR functions reliably with any ammunition. The MDRX has been subjected to military grade reliability and durability tests to ensure it is rugged enough for military use. Tests include 10,000 round endurance firing, drop testing, rough handling, bore obstruction, sand, ice, water, and salt.


    Designed to be compatible with industry-standard accessories ensuring they will fit perfectly. Optics mount easily on the picatinny rail and M-Lok slots on hand guard accommodate a wide variety of accessories.



    Color: Black stock & receiver, FDE stock & receiver

    Detachable Magazine: Yes

    Barrel: Free-floating

    Trigger: ~4.8 lbs

    Mount: Picatinny rail

    Safety: Ambidextrous safety

    Weight: 8.35 lbs


    Part # Model Cartridge Twist BL OL Weight
    DT-MDRX-SBB-AAB-FE Desert Tech MDRX Rifle - Black 7.62x51mm / 308 Win 1:10" 16" 26.2" 8.35 Lbs
    DT-MDRX-SFF-AAB-FE Desert Tech MDRX Rifle - FDE 7.62x51mm / 308 Win 1:10" 16" 26.2" 8.35 Lbs
    DT-MDRX-SBB-BAC-FE Desert Tech MDRX Rifle - Black 5.56x45mm / 223 Wylde 1:8" 16" 26.2" 8.35 Lbs
    DT-MDRX-SFF-BAC-FE Desert Tech MDRX Rifle - FDE 5.56x45mm / 223 Wylde 1:8" 16" 26.2" 8.35 Lbs


    BL: Barrel Length
    Overall Length

    *.308 Win can reliably fire both 7.62×51 and .308 Win Cartridges

    *.223 Wilde can reliably fire both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem

    *Short Stroke Piston / Last Round Bolt Catch

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