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    To provide the highest quality hunting gear and shooting equipment to serious hunters and long-range shooters, worldwide. We know you depend on your gear, which is why we only carry the best, most reliable brands. You can also rely on our exceptional customer service to help you get what you need.


    Alex Bourlakov founded his company in 2009, after an unexpected layoff helped transform his passion for hunting and the outdoors into what is now a thriving business.

    Alex came to the US in 1992 from St. Petersburg, right before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He had $1,000 in his pocket, an engineering degree, and just one English phrase: “How do you do, Mr. President?”

    Upon moving to Colorado, Alex fell in love with the beautiful Rocky Mountains and decided to take on the sport of hunting. He was in great physical shape from many years spent in cross-country skiing competitions, so hiking was easy -- getting the trophy was the hard part. But Alex never looked for the easy way out; he went beyond the roads and trails, sometimes in brutal weather conditions. After a couple of seasons coming home empty-handed, he got his first doe in 1997. Since then, he's had many great seasons blessed with filled tags of elk, deer, antelope, bear, ram and mountain goat.

    Alex is widely known in the hunting community as a tough guy who goes the extra mile and produces amazing results that fill the freezer to feed his family and friends. After many years of trial and error, Alex has mastered hunting with rifle and bow and tested numerous pieces of equipment, clothing, shoes and other gear. In 2007, he shot a ram with a bow after 12 days of hunting on the steep, rocky slopes. In 2011, he was lucky to draw and fill a mountain goat tag. This hunt took many days of scouting and several rough days in a snowstorm, at an elevation of 13,000 feet.

    It takes commitment, great hunting skills and excellent gear to get trophies. Alex started 1ShotGear to offer the best possible products for hardcore hunters who are willing to go above and beyond to get their dream trophy. He's happy to help in other ways, too. He likes to educate people about wildlife and help serious beginning hunters get their first deer or elk. He also supports the Dallas Safari Club, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, Wild Sheep Foundation, and the Navy Seals Foundation..

    Alex lives with his wife and three kids in Denver. His two older children even have some hunting success stories of their own! Alex has a big heart and likes to cook and share meat with friends and neighbors. He enjoys traveling around the world for shooting events, business, and of course, hunting and fishing.