Blaser Rifle and Blaser R8

Blaser rifle and the Blaser R8 give hunters the crucial edge for continuous successful shooting. The Blaser R8 Professional stock provides a completely relaxed posture of shooting hand and arm, regardless of the aiming position. Thus, vexatious flinching is almost completely eliminated by itself providing the most important preparation for the accurate shot in any hunting conditions. The dynamic shape of the R8 Professional Success underlines the high demands Blaser is placing on this product: simply the best for successful shooting!

Blaser R8 Rifle Features

  • Precision trigger
  • Forged barrel & chamber
  • Radial Locking System - locks directly in the barrel
  • Double loading - even loading from the top of the magazine is possible
  • iC - cocking the rifle automatically activates the illuminated dot
  • Take-down - can be stripped down in a matter of seconds
  • Quality parts - all metal parts are rustproof or have a corrosion resistant finish
  • Interchangeable Barrels - the ability to easily change caliber size

Blaser R8

Blaser R8 is the newest of their rifles. Manufactured in Germany, this rifle was created as an improvement upon their vastly popular R93. The new Blaser R8 is bigger, stronger and packed with more features than the competition. Narrow your search by viewing the categories or start viewing our large stocked inventory below! Come by and see our selection of these beautiful rifles in stock or contact us!