Blaser R8 Standard Barrel



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.223 Rem., 240 Wby Mag, .243 Win, 22-250, 257 Wby Mag, 6.5x55 SE, 6.5x57, 6.5-284 Norma, .270 Win, 270 WSM, 7mm-08, 7mm Rem Mag, 30-06 Sprg., 9.3x63, .308 Win., 300 WSM, 300 Wby Mag, .300 Win Mag, .338 Win Mag, 375 H&H Mag

One of the greatest benefits of having an interchangeable rifle like the Blaser R8 is being able to go from a .223 all the way to a 9.2x62 simply by interchanging a few parts.  If you change barrels within the same family of calibers only the barrel needs to be exchanged.  Only when going out of a family of calibers does one need to change the bolt head and the magazine insert both of which can be done in under a minute.  The R8 module takes versatility and reliability to the next level ensuring great accuracy with every barrel available giving the shooter exactly what they need to maximize every opportunity given.  Never before has a rifle been able to go from the ideal varmint rifle to a rifle that is able to take down some on the largest wild game in the world. 


NOTE: Except for the Blaser Saddle Mount, no R8 components are interchangeable with R93 components.


Caliber Families

MI (Mini)

223 Rem.

ST (Standard)

.243 Win, 22-250, .270 Win, 30-06 Sprg., 9.2x62, 6.5-284 Norma, 6.5x55, 6.5x57, .308 Win. 

MA (Magnum)

240 Wby Mag, 257 Wby Mag, 270 WSM, 300 WSM, 300 Wby Mag, .300 Win Mag, .338 Win Mag, 375 H&H Mag

Barrel Specs

Barrel Length: 23"-26" depend on caliber

Barrel Twist: vary by caliber


Barrel Weight: Approx. 2.9 lbs

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